Qualified and with more than 15 years experience.

Eastwood Environmental is committed to adding value for our customers by offering an effective and efficient Painting and Decorating service, with a focus on creating a healthy environment, using top quality paints and materials and sensible application methods that reduce waste.

We are accredited Porters Original Paints applicators for specialty finishes, and certified Resene Eco Decorators, working to the highest professional industry standards.

We are fully insured and provide a workmanship guarantee on all work.

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Environmental Responsibilty

    *Recycling    *Paint Wash Systems    *Photodegradable & Compostable Plastic for masking   *Smarter Application Methods   * Zero VOC Paints & Materials   *Zero Waste


All  empty paint containers, soft plastic packaging, cardboard, and even the left over paint is recycled.

Paint Wash System.

All brushes, rollers, and other painting equipment is washed into our wash system. The paint solids are then separated from the wash water, leaving the water clean and clear to use again. This system stops the paint waste entering the ground water, which ultimately ends up in our lakes and rivers.

Photodegradable plastic.

If it needs to be masked off we use a unique photodegradable plastic film. This film breaks down completely in only 240 days leaving no toxic residue.

Smarter Application Methods.

 Spraying creates a lot of waste, so we use low pressure spray applicators that have better transfer rates, on doors and frames only. All other painting is carried out using a traditional brush and roll method.

Zero VOC Paints & Materials.

VOC's (volatile Organic Compounds) are a health hazard and are carcinogenic. They can continue to be released for up to 5 years after application. We use zero VOC paints, fillers and sealants from leading brands, as standard. The inside of your home is the one area you have control over, make the smart choice.

Zero Waste

Our goal is to have zero waste from painting, including the paint waste from washing out by re using it as a sealer undercoat on porous substrates.


Elissa Eastwood

Designer, Effects Decorator, & Business Administration.

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"The splashback was designed to be part of the kitchen in a very inclusive and exacting way by referencing the different colours and levels of luminosity used elsewhere in the kitchen area. It needed to attract attention and possess energy while working in harmony with the rest of the open plan area," says Elissa. 

Elissa decided to go for a tile look, but given that she wanted total control of where, what and how the colour would be used, she decided to stencil the pattern directly onto the wall and add in hand-painted details. 

a showstopping splashback 

Benjamin Eastwood

Painter & Decorator, Wallpapering, &creative application

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15 Years Painting & Decorating experience with creative background.

Positive, willing and able to put in the effort that's required to deliver high quality workmanship on all residential new builds

Passionate about creating a healthy environment inside your home with top of the line paint and materials and mindful of the environment surrounding it by using sensible work methods.


Contact Us

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 MDF staircase painted to look like concrete using Porters Fresco and sealed with Uracryl two pack clear.


Hand painted misty mountain mural


Rust Effect



This Garage door was painted to look like rusted corten steel using Porters Liquid Iron and instant rust.


Wallpaper Feature Walls.

We do wallpapering too.

a great way to add something a little more interesting to a room.

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